Top-Notch Well Drilling Services

Looking to get a new well drilled on your property? At Ervin Well Company Inc, we install wells with their diameters ranging from 2" to 24". If geology allows, we construct wells using PVC and steel casings. In most cases, PVC casing is used in the construction of a residential well.
  • Irrigation wells - Most irrigation wells are screened glacial drift wells. They're constructed using steel and PVC casing. The flow rate of an irrigation well falls between 200-1200 gallons per minute depending on flow that is needed.
  • Soft water wells - Soft water wells can be installed in areas with slightly different geologic conditions.
  • Observation wells - These wells are used solely for measuring water levels.
  • Monitoring wells - This category of wells are used for measuring water levels as well as to collect water samples for quality check.

Hire Our Well Development Professionals

Well development involves the bailing, air flushing, and high-pressure jetting of your well. The process cleanses out any debris that may be clogging your well and slowing down the flow. 

Well development can be done for all PVC and steel cased wells with sizes ranging between 4”-20”. We recommend you to have well development done every 5-10 years. Call us at 320-523-1621 to learn more.
We go the extra mile to make our customers happy with our well drilling services. 
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